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Road To Nowhere - Supermoon

Road To Nowhere- Supermoon
Road To Nowhere- Supermoon

Amazing Wallpapers - "Road To Nowhere- Supermoon" - Supermoon rises over this road to nowhere in eastern South Dakota. Photo by : Aaron J. Groen.
Who the hell builds a road to nowhere?  Someone very wise. Nowhere must be a town in Norway lol. lol theres farms.  Maybe they had ADD and forgot they were making road. Ever Been To South Dakota ? someone with a lot of time on their hands and a big imagination. maybe some1 ,who really dont know where to go,,they got confused ,therefore it leads them on a road to nowhere. i think that's the name of the next little town, lol. People who are going nowhere. That road leads to the Canadian border after going nowhere in North Dakota. On the way.. back to the moon ! Wow I love it the way someone took this photo.. I cant wait for my photography class in a few months... i want to learn how to take a better pictures ... so nice huh. shortcut towards the moon. I was once told a road goes nowhere but you can follow it somewhere. Stunning. Should be called road to the moon.  the first time i visited South Dakota, on the way to Gann Valley from the airport the moon looked like this. I was so stunned. I spent a good portion of the drive with my neck craned to watch it and I pinched myself to remind me that i was far away from the Caribbean. Great memories.
- Road To Nowhere- Supermoon -