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Rock Climbing, Netherlands

Highest human made rock climbing, Netherlands
Highest human made rock climbing, Netherlands

Amazing Wallpapers - Highest human made rock climbing, Netherlands
This is in my town, Groningen, North of Netherlands. The climbing centre is called Bjoeks. It's 37 meters and most use safety lines. Cost is 11pounds for 1-climb. we should become friends and you could take me there on a date! poor Netherland citizens they have not any mountains there , so they can climb here lol. at least we control the grammar of your own language better than you guys do yourself. Pretty cool. I wonder if anyone has climbed both sides? Looks awesome!! But my ladder is high enough. probably the best spot to get stoned.
Happening. New thing added to my bucket list. Standing under it may be scarier than climbing it. I'll NEVER understand what makes people do such things. But each to their own.  This picture is incorrect.. this one is only 120 feet tall. The tallest is in my hometown at this place called commrow, its 164 feet tall. and it called wall-climbing, not rock-climbing.. that a big difference among them. That's some serious climbing. Where from the Netherlands ? Is there a maintenance elevator inside? Funny that our country is one of the flattest in the world, but that we do have the highest human build 'rock'. Awesome! We are gonna do it, Netherlands waits us. Awesome, I'd load up on 5 grams of cordyceps before attempting that! Does it come with a huge spiral slide on the inside?