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Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - Nature Wallpapers
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - Nature Wallpapers

Amazing Wallpapers - Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - Nature Wallpapers
Our earth is so beautiful! and say thanks to god. And if we don't take care of our beautiful world,things like this wont be there anymore. Looks like what I picture heaven to look like. You're dilusional. For heaven to look like this there has to be floods, earthquakes, destruction of all sorts; that's what makes earth/life so special. if Heaven exists it will look like the most sterile, anticeptic hospital you've ever been to. Good luck with that.
Seriously there's no reason to be that insensitive towards another persons belief in heaven. Heaven may be what we want it to be, like a dream. Whatever fills us with peace and happiness. My backyard! Lucky! I've never been to Croatia but am going next summer. At least from the pictures and the two friends who are from there, Croatia seems totally underrated. Gorgeous! Loved visiting this place. It was like the fairy land in the Lord of the King. I have been here!!! it's as beautiful as looks on the picture.