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Paradise Island - Maldives

Paradise Island in the Maldives
Paradise Island in the Maldives
Amazing Wallpapers - Paradise Island in the Maldives
I want to fake my own death and live off this island. Can I join you. Im with you there. What do you want me to bring? and what you eat ? everyday kokos and fish? or drink? saltwater is not so good. Fortunately, I am a Maldivian, and I live there, Al hamdhu lilaahi, without paying a dime :D aren't you scared of tsunami? you cannot escape death. and im not afraid of it.. im ready to go... i'll enjoy the beach till another tsunami... i have seen the last one also. Madhih, exactly where is Maldivia? It is absolutely beautiful. How large is the island?
it looks like its just floating around in the ocean. Why does the earth look so tiny from this angle? because the fisheye lens was used to capture this photo. I want to live there!!