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On the Edge, Trolltunga

On the Edge, Trolltunga, Norway
On the Edge, Trolltunga, Norway
Amazing Wallpapers - On the Edge, Trolltunga, Norway
I'm having palpitations just looking at those people sitting there lol .No way I could do that. Parachute on your back, inflatable dingy under ur arm, now that would be a fun jump and nice chill in dingy afterwards. omg. I want to be there. We'll sit there this summer! Don't have somebody over weight sitting in the edge. just imagine a wind. I'm ok with heights but that would not happen. Not in a million years!! I can feel the tickling of goosebumps on my soles ..... and yet this is really a breath-taking scenery . Feel funny just looking at the picture . Would NEVER get me on that edge ! I'll pay for your funeral if you do a handstand on there.
I need to sit there one day! My stomach just did a flip looking at this picture! Hats off to them and the courage they have, I don't think I could !