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Look at Size Comparison

Take a look at size comparison,
Take a look at size comparison,

Amazing Wallpapers - Take a look at size comparison,
This is not fake, but to clear a few things up...whales are not fish they are mammals like us, this is a baleen whale that cannot eat a human as they don't have teeth and the throat is not wide enough for them to swallow any parts. For all those saying the tail looks wrong, you have to allow for the water distortion, plus remember that these ocean giants can roll 360 degrees, and in this case is probably at an angle so it can 'see' the kite surfer. (Their vision works differently to ours as they live underwater). Don't assume everything is fake just because YOU have not seen the image before. These majestic animals have been around longer than the vermin we call homo sapiens, they deserve to be respected and admired.

Perhaps humans are just selfish (shellfish in thinking that we are the only creatures that matter. God gave  humans the duty, the task, the work of looking after and caring for His creation and by looking at everything from whale to rhino poaching etc we are pretty good ad disobeying (is that spelt right? English isnt my 1st language) His rules. And if this photoshopped... So what - it still makes a powerful image! I love selfish vs shellfish vs sell fish - such options in wordplay! Wonderful, except your ignorant statement that humans are 'vermin'. Just because we're the dominant species.... You must be one of those self-loathing hippies.