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Kevin Richardson, Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson The Lion Whisperer
Kevin Richardson The Lion Whisperer

Amazing Wallpapers - Kevin Richardson The Lion Whisperer.
I'm jealous! at the Lion or the man? i'll take kevin. That's the line I need to be in!! the friendly lion and man love us on the land every morning. That is a BIG kitty! omg!! when I see the face n eyes of the lion, I feel something like fear, but it's not fear, what the h3ll?? Instinct. Hope one day I can also have the same picture.
But this day will probably be very short. i love that picture. I want a lion. I've seen him earlier in Animal Planet & wondered how can somebody befriend a lion? Strange are the ways of nature! This is truly amazing!
I think the gift is there, but one day he will meet the unruly, and his life will end. TT thought he was a savior to the Grizzlies, and after 13yrs, he met the unruly.