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Himachal Pradesh, India

Pakistan Gilgat valley
Pakistan Gilgat valley
Amazing Wallpapers - Pakistan Gilgat valley
Okay, everyone lean to the left. LOL pinched it. NO WAY NOT EVER. My question is: how did they MAKE the road in the first place? I would ask to get out and walk that part of the road. And we complain about our traffic here in Florida! they are 2 pics on left its India and on Right its Pakistan see the centerline of the pic and bushed to cover it. lol. good eye dude !!! couldnt have noticed that !!! cool. Okay...I'd like to visit India...but not here! Looks real scary...do they have to wear parachutes up here? its not in India..its in Pakistan Gilgat valley.
they said it was in India, but I appreciate the correction...however, the MAIN point is the precariousness of the road. There are many places I will NEVER go in this life..this is one of them. Road of death.