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Floating restaurant at Villa Escudero

Floating restaurant at Villa Escudero, Philipines
Floating restaurant at Villa Escudero, Philipines

Amazing Wallpapers - Floating restaurant at Villa Escudero, Philipines
No chance of that in the US. People would slip and fall and bankrupt the place. i know thats right, same reason we cant have an awesome hot plate grill resturant like that have to where u cook ur own food to your liking.
They actually have a restaurant in Texas where you get to grill your own meat and everything to your liking.
We have restaurants where you cook your own food here in Arizona. Hello, we have waterslides in this country. lawsuits don't prevent this type of restaurant. We have many of those restaurants with hot plates here in California! no way, the first handicap person who couldnt manuever in the restaraunt would end up sueing and owning it. theres a place in WA that serves steak raw, with a hot rock, you cook each bite right at your table. and use the hot rock to steam your veggies with beer. its fricken awsome. diamond knot in mukilteo.
The only way is to have everyperson sign a "release of liability" incase of death, severe injury....lool. Only Young people would come. If they'd think of slipping and suing, they'd miss the chance of enjoying that cool place. Been there, had a wonderful dining experience with my family.