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Cliff Top - Meteora

Cliff Top, Meteora, Greece
Cliff Top, Meteora, Greece

Amazing Wallpapers - Cliff Top, Meteora, Greece - It's always so breathtaking to see this monastery
No flood insurance required. NO flood insurance but they do have fall insurance lol. Incredible to think the monastery was built long ago with simple building tools. No bulldozers, no cranes, no jackhammers, no power tools, etc. That was probably not fun to build. Wasn't that featured in the Bond film "For Your Eyes Only"?
That's a long way from a Walmart! there is a cable car straight to Walmart. I live near Meteora. It is just an amazing place and this monastery is not the only good one. YOU MUST VISIT METEORA.You sit down, and meditate.And than you elevate. Awesome place. Makes you believe in magic. Looks like terrible place to go lol. How do they get up there ? No permits or sensitive areas crap. Must have been nice to build in those days.
What a beautiful and peaceful place. Wondering how people get to the bottom?