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Blue Hole, Fiji

Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, Fiji
Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, Fiji

Amazing Wallpapers - Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, Fiji
Vanuatu and Fiji are two different countries. He's got a point. Yes, they are! Not even the same ocean. still a nice picture! What? Whan I stayed in Vanuata it was considered one of the Fijian islands. I'm confused.
Must be a hell of a deep hole to go from Fiji to Vanuatu! While I do see many beautiful and amazing pics come from "Amazing things in the world" I am also after seeing so many mistakes about people and places and wildlife. It's almost as if there is no idea where some of the pics are from but there has to be something made up about them before they are posted. This is supposed to be facts for those who are reading about it, come on "Amazing", get facts straight first before any pic posting. Pretty sure Vanuatu is NOT in Fiji ! Vanuatu is not Fiji!! there is the same in egypt in sharm and much better. Wherever it is, I wanna be there!!! It's definitely in Vanuatu. Google it, there is heaps of info on there, including how to get there and see it for yourself. same place in two different countries? You have to duck dive down and come up in the caves. Blue hole is in Vanuatu not Fiji. It's amazing. The blue caves are off tanna. Vanuatu. Absolutely gorgeous.