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Beautiful View of Paris

Beautiful view of Paris, France
Beautiful view of Paris, France

Amazing Wallpapers - Beautiful view of Paris, France
Looks like Mordor. looks like hell on earth! beautiful is not the description that came to mind. Someday. I am visiting the city RIGHT NOW! So what am I doing on FB? Waiting for my husband to get ready to go out to stroll the Champs Élysées. Can't wait to take you here cheese, bread and pastries in front if the Eiffel Tower.
Wonder where this was taken from? One day we will go together. what wow ? is there lack of oxygen ? The view from the very top of the Eiffel Tower is Breathtaking! Would love to go back and visit again. I passed here on my way to NYC years ago.... amazing Paris! My favorite city in the world. other than the eiffel tower and the surrounding park, what's beautiful about this urban sprawl? I saw Paris at night from the first elevator stop (midway) of the Eifel tower...it was impressive. I was afraid to go to the top...God delivered me from the fear of heights since then...now I want a do-over to Paris...but there is such a lot of world to see.