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A Stone Path Across

A stone path across the lake, Poland
A stone path across the lake, Poland

Amazing Wallpapers - A stone path across the lake, Poland
My grandparents birthplace! Can't wait to go! Which lake?! so peaceful. This lake? You are lucky! your grandparents were mermaids! I'd fall in. Without a doubt. Lol I was thinking the same thing!! I'd be WET!!! lol
WOW its amazing place. I wouldn't attempt crossing without a long poll. I know my luck. But what a beautiful reflection!! Nice. Even strategically placed so those that had had a few (ahem... I said a few) can make it across. A beautiful photo but not what I'd personally describe as an 'amazing thing in the world'. looks like park lazienky, warszaw. Would not attempt this now!! But...The Lake Is So Dirty It's Full Of Lotus Leaf. it is not dirty.....it is increasing lake beaut. Lovely, I like the stone path.