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An Almost Full-Circle Rainbow

An Almost Full-Circle Rainbow
Image credit: Nicole Cambre / Rex Feature
Amazing Wallpapers - An Almost Full-Circle Rainbow, Zambian side of the Victoria Falls credit: Nicole Cambre / Rex Feature
I have seen them there circles right in front of me surfing when the back spray is passing through the rainbow area it forms the whole thing for a second at Ho'okipa Maui in the right conditions also if you above a heavily misty fall looking down you can see multiple ones, I have even seen the inside of a rain bow which is a weird phenomenon that I know to only happen at Rainbow park Maui under the Ideal conditions it is like every where you look colors can not even begin to say how amazing it is, I once saw 100s of little pieces of rainbows spiral around the inside of a close out barrel at Makena Beach.
Went here last summer. Most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Not a double rainbow but just as awesome.
Water and light. Retraction is entertaining. I've seen a full cirlce one while flying out of Sydney airport years ago with the planes 'shadow' in the middle. So cool!